Veterans Find Healing Through Music

by HomeServe | Apr 16, 2019

At its core, the American Patriot Music Project is about veterans helping other veterans.

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Under Pressure: Affinity Partnerships Offer Low-Risk Revenue Alternative for Energy Utilities

by Andrew DeCastro | Apr 10, 2019

Improved energy efficiency, increased interest in renewable energy and flattening load growth, combined with a pressing need for grid optimization, means that many energy utilities are looking to...

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Sweepstakes to Highlight How Cities Honor their Veterans

by HomeServe | Apr 10, 2019

In conjunction with the announcement of our new Veteran’s Hiring Initiative at last November’s NLC City Summit in Los Angeles, we invited cities to submit photos via Twitter to our Utility Service...

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HomeServe Launches HomeServe Cares Foundation

by HomeServe | Apr 02, 2019

Robust, Four Pillar Corporate Social Responsibility Program Spreads Hope and Supports Communities

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Biannual State of the Home Survey Finds Majority of Homeowners Use Smart Home Devices

by HomeServe | Mar 27, 2019

HomeServe USA (HomeServe), a leading provider of home repair solutions, announced the findings of the winter 2019 edition of its Biannual State of the Home Survey.  Click here to view our Biannual...

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How Can the Growth of Natural Gas Be Sustained?

by Andrew DeCastro | Mar 26, 2019

With coal continuing to decline, the US natural gas industry has seen incredible growth over the last ten years, and now suppliers are exploring ways to keep up the demand.

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Improving Your Customers' Digital Experience

by Andrew DeCastro | Mar 11, 2019

The coming of age of the first truly digital generation and the proliferation of the Internet of Things and smart homes represent a largely untapped opportunity for utilities who master the...

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HomeServe Cares About Our Customers and Our Communities

by HomeServe | Feb 27, 2019

HomeServe USA is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen and making a positive impact on our partners’, employees’ and contractors’ communities.

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Expanding Your Marketing: Why You Should Choose HomeServe

by HomeServe | Feb 12, 2019

It is well-documented that giving customers choices and the opportunity for interaction improves customer satisfaction, and that, in turn, improves ROI.

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A Message from John Kitzie, CEO

by John Kitzie | Feb 06, 2019

In this issue of Energy Views we are looking at trends that can affect the utility industry and its customers in various ways. One trend is the changing utility customer base which will soon be...

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