Exploring Emerging Trends in the Energy Industry: Conferences and Trade Shows

by Andrew DeCastro | Dec 19, 2018

In the rapidly evolving energy sector, conferences are a great way to learn about various aspects of the field, as well as network with colleagues and find new vendors and suppliers. They can help...

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HomeServe Helps a Young Couple with a Major Repair

by Andrew DeCastro | Dec 04, 2018

Adam and Jennifer F. loved the first home they bought together, a historic 100 year old house in a quiet Wichita neighborhood – but they didn’t love the sewer line problems that came with it.

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The HomeServe Cares Program Helps Salt Lake Resident with Problem Sewer Line

by HomeServe | Nov 29, 2018

Helen T. of Salt Lake City knew she needed to do something about her sewer line – it had gotten to the point that she had to have it cleaned out annually to clear it of roots.

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The Buying Power of Millennials Continues to Impact Energy

by Andrew DeCastro | Nov 07, 2018

By 2025, Millennials will make up to 75 percent of the work force, as the next largest generation, the Baby Boomers, retire in droves. This means their buying power will only increase in the next...

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Highlights from the 2018 ClickConnect Conference

by HomeServe | Nov 01, 2018

HomeServe USA was featured in a blog post by Gregory Gibbs, Vice President of Global Customer Transformation for Service Council following Click's 2018 "ClickConnect" conference.

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The Costs of Moving Forward With Grid Modernization

by Andrew DeCastro | Oct 24, 2018

We know that our energy infrastructure is out-of-date and customers are looking for varied and new services. However moving from the old model of simply supplying electricity to a burgeoning one...

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HomeServe Helps Yonkers Resident Solve a Serious Problem

by HomeServe | Oct 10, 2018

Evangeline G. of Yonkers noticed many of her neighbors were experiencing water line breaks, especially during the winter months, and began worrying about the line servicing her home.

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22 Percent of Homeowners Have No Money Set Aside for a Home Repair Emergency

by HomeServe | Oct 08, 2018

Click here to view our Biannual State of the Home infographic.

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HomeServe USA Celebrates 15 Years of Service

by HomeServe | Oct 01, 2018

HomeServe USA, a leading provider of home emergency repair solutions, now serving over 3.6 million customers across the U.S. and Canada, is celebrating 15 years of service in the United States....

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The Impact of Aging Energy Infrastructure

by Andrew DeCastro | Sep 26, 2018

Most energy customers don’t think about the electricity and natural gas that powers their appliances and heats and lights their home – unless there’s a problem.

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